Monday, May 7, 2012

Hooded Towels

These are $18 (unless I have to special order a specific color of towel, then we'll talk!) and make a GREAT gift!  WAY better than those tiny baby towels, they are a full sized bath towel with matching hood, personalized with ribbon accent!  This one was for a future longhorn:


Bibs are $4, and the possibilites are endless!  All will come with a name (or initial) and a ribbon accent... pick some fun colors or themes!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Personalized Burp Cloths

My signature baby gift.  :)  I absolutely LOVE making these and putting those sweet little names on them.  They are made from a brand name Premium Heavy Weight cloth diaper that holds up REALLY well and is very versatile.  Most of the fabric panels I use are super-soft flannel, perfect against a sweet little one's skin.  Regular cotton fabrics work well too, especially if the pattern is cute enough.  :)  All burp cloths are accented with a coordinating ribbon.  Click on these samples to enlarge.

Just started making these for boys with the tie... I'm in LOVE with it!

Personalized burp cloths are $10 each ($11 for those with pompom fringe). A set of 2-3 makes the PERFECT baby shower gift!
Orders can be specific or left up to me to surprise you with the perfect set!
(Fabrics available may be different than styles shown...)

Letter Painting

 Tried to add some close-ups of a few of these.

 Blogger turned this one sideways... no idea why.

 These too!  And I have no idea how to turn them back!

Just a few samples of work I've done before.  Some have provided me the letters, others have let me choose.  Or, we've worked together on picking fonts, etc.  and I do the ordering and painting.  Lots of options!  All of these were to coordinate with existing baby bedding, and I've done that having seen it in person or just in pictures.  These are some of my FAVORITE projects, although they take some time to get "just right."  So, I have to have some notice!!
Price depends on letter height and can be discussed upon ordering.